In English please! Rug for Lucky

Fabric rug for Lucky (simple and fast)11022545_10206821232272479_4244881519149492090_n

I’ve used Tek Tek 1 yarn

Needle size 15mm / US 19 (you can also use 12 mm / US 17)

Cast on 20 sts

Work rug in Stockinette.

Row 1 – K1, yarn forward, slip 1 sts,  turn.

Row 2 – slip 1 sts, P1.

Row 3 – K2, yarn forward, slip 1 sts, turn.

Row 4  – slip 1 sts, P2.

Row 5 – K3, yarn forward, slip 1 sts, turn.

Row 6 – slip 1 sts, P3.tappetino Lucky

Repeat until you have worked all the stitches.

Repeat all for four times.

Blind off and sew up edge to edge.

see you soon!


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