In english please! Knitted Baby Blanket

WP_20150506_009Baby blankets are always the best gift to do if you want to offer something hand made.

Measures : 40x50cm / 16×20 in , 50x60cm / 20×24 in, 50x70cm / 20×27 in…up to 120×90 cm /47×35 in (just do it).

But my favorite is 60×60 cm /24×24 in, because I think it’s the right size from birth to 2-3 years.

Today’s project is a 100% cotton baby blanket.

Needle size 5mm / US 8

250 g Drops Paris cotton

Ready? ..Go!

Cast on 100 sts on needle.

Rows 1 – 6 in seeds st (Row 1 “K , P” – Row 2 K over P and P over K)

Now: 5 sts in Seeds st, 3 sts in stockinette st, repeat the design for 6 times, 3 sts in stockinette st, 5 sts in seeds sts.

Advise: put the marker after 8 sts, every 14 sts, and after the last 8 sts.

diagram 1InstagramCapture_5210c75b-5212-4163-89bd-92bc5cc17e68

Repeat the patterns until reaching the desired length

Repeat the rows 1 – 6 and blind off.

See you soon!

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