Knitted fingerless gloves/mitts

fingerless gloves in blue and pink

Hi everybody!Spiegazione, modello per guanti ai ferri

These is my fingerless gloves!

Today I show you one of my best pattern, in past I knit these with a right needle, but now I’ve a fantastic mini circular needle HiyaHiya and it’s so simple knit, beacause I’m not a good sewer!


Necessary for 2 fingerless gloves:

1 ball of merino wool (I used Big Merino Drops Design) in your prefer colourmodello gratuito per lavorare ai ferri guantini senza dita

Circular needle 5 mm US 8



Cast on 30 stitches on the needle

Put a sign

Knit at rib 1/1 for 10 rowsmodello gratuito per guanti fatti a mano con i ferri in lana

Knit at stockinette st for 10 rows

Now cast off 7 st. and knit until the end of the row

Now cast on 7 new st. and knit until the end of the row

Knit at stockinette st another 5 rows

Knit at rib 1/1 for 5 rowsknitting free pattern for fingerless gloves / mitts

Cast off al the st. at rib 1/1

Ok, the first is finish, now knit another one fingerless gloves!


You can knit these fingerless gloves with few rows in pink for a touch of pink in only one glove and you can also add a buttons if you like it!

PS: you can buy the fantastic mug, write me!

fingerless gloves, free patternfingerless mitts, free pattern

fingerless gloves handmade in grey and pink, so lovely gift ideafingerless gloves in blue and pink, free pattern

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