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baby’s winter hat

Hi! Now we see a project for a baby hat, for the winter.
1 ball of wool (Big Merino Drops Design)
needle n. 5/ US 8
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Let’s go.
Cast on 60 stitches on the needle.
Knit for 37 rows.
row 1 – work the 60 stitches, cast on 30 new stitches
row 2 – cast off 30 stitches, work 60 stitches, cast on 30 new stitches.
row 3 – cast off all the stitches.
fold the hat ans sew the border.
Finish! It’s so simple!!
I have made 2 of these for my twins and we used them in the winter holidays!
They look cute and are warm and comfortable on the babies.

In english please: neck warmer

I recommend this model and with this yarn for skiing or working outdoors in winter
you need:
a ball of Drops Peak

circular needle Us 11, 8.00 mm


cast on 40 stitches and work at stockinette st. until the end of the ball,

leaving enough yarn to cast off.



cast on 40 sts and work

row 1 – knit row

row 2 – moss stitch

repete these two until the end of the ball,

leaving enough yarn to cast off.


see you soon!!